From contract IT jobs, to full-time IT positions, OakTree is your friend with the sweet hookups.

Specializing in IT

OakTree’s talented technical recruiters help IT candidates land some of the most coveted positions in their field with some of the most prestigious companies in the Midwest and beyond. OakTree’s team of talented recruiters specialize in finding the top IT talent for all types of positions. OakTree’s ability to specialize in IT reassures that you are in the hands of the most knowledgeable and caring team in the industry.

Building Relationships

Not only dedicated to finding the right candidate for the job, OakTree is equally¬†dedicated to finding the right job for the candidate. OakTree’s team of talented recruiters not only care about their duties, but the candidate as well. Building quality professional relationships that last is what sets OakTree apart.

Dotting I’s, Crossing T’s

OakTree believes in quality over quantity. Our talented staff not only does their due diligence when vetting candidates for positions, we go the extra mile to make sure the candidate and company are the right fit for both parties. With our multi-step vetting process we insure that the candidate is well screened and not only qualified for a particular position, but that they are a culture fit for the company as well. This process not only insures the most qualified candidates make it through, but that perfect fit will always be found for both the candidate and client.

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