ProximiTree Online IT Training

What is ProximiTree?

In order to continue to give students the utmost IT training experience, OakTree is pleased to provide full access to OakTree IT classes from anywhere via ProximiTree. ProximiTree is OakTree’s very own online IT training solution that makes distance training as easy as logging in to any Flash-enabled PC and learning. Going above and beyond the typical webinar, students utilizing ProximiTree interact with one of OakTree’s world-class certified instructors in real-time via audio/video live stream as well as live chats and uploaded notes. Students are free to ask questions and interact with the rest of the class members.

Why Use ProximiTree?

online training in officeBecause a company’s talent is their greatest asset, keeping employees up to date on the latest systems and IT skills is a must. Though it pays to thoroughly train students, it also costs – travel, hotel accommodations and time away from the office.  When sending employees away to a training facility isn’t convenient or economical, being able to have employees attend classes online either from the office or home is a great way to save time and money. ProximiTree allows students to be present in class no matter their physical location –  without the cost of travel, accommodations or time away from the office.

What Are Students Saying About ProximiTree?

Student at home working with laptop and headsetNot only is ProximiTree a great way for companies to save resources on training students, but the students themselves also enjoy not having to be away from home in order to train. From a poll taken of students, all students preferred learning via ProximiTree over other standard forms of online IT training.

A majority of OakTree IT training courses are available via ProximiTree, including Microsoft certification courses. Feel free to look through OakTree’s training schedule to see the full list of upcoming classes and enroll online.